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EESTEL Workshop: 5 keys to succeed in Digital Wallet 

Digital wallets and e-money Thema – Wednesday 20 November 2:00pm – 3:00pm (Room 2)

EESTEL is an Association of European Experts in E-Transactions Systems, created in 1998. Our 48 members represent more than 1,500 years of Expertise and have been leading important Development and Certification projects, in fields like E-Payment Systems, E-Ticketing, Dematerialization, E-identity, Smart Cards and Mobile Ecosystems …Their know-how is enhanced by efficient Tools and they operate worldwide.

This session will cover:

· EESTEL Association value proposal
· Market trends for mobile payment: remote versus proximity payments.
· Digital Wallet challenges for convenience and trust in use.
· International perspective on digital wallet and standards


· Mr Eric NIZARD, President, EESTEL
· Mr François LECOMTE-VAGNIEZ, Partner, Lobary (EESTEL Expert)
· Mr Pierre FRANCON, Partner, Quaelys (EESTEL Expert)
· Mr Benoit DELESTRE, SCCP (EESTEL Expert)

The workshop program